You should land to Dalaman Airport, if you prefer airways. There are HAVAŞ or MUTTAŞ buses moving from Dalaman Airport and arriving to Fethiye Bus Station frequently. (If you prefer ground transportation by bus, you should arrive to Fethiye Bus Station directly.) There are Kabak/Faralya minibuses passing through Fethiye Bus Station, which will take you until the Kabak last stop. (The schedule changes throughout the season, so please follow:

Private cars are not allowed to go down in Kabak Valley. You can arrive only until Kabak last stop with private cars or minibuses. You may take service minibuses to go down the valley or you may prefer walking through the path, if you have less luggage.

You may need a few stuff in the nature. Just a reminder:

Please prefer comfortable and casual clothes, shoes and back-packs rather than rollaboards for a freer holiday, since there is no asphalt roads or concrete structures over here, but there are trees, birds, rocks, bugs, cats, dogs and chickens instead. You may bring an insect-repellent body spray, a flashlight for night walks and your medication, if you need any.

Then leave yourself to the arms of mother nature…